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Planning to travel in the United Kingdom is plentiful to think about. However, if you wisely follow these Essential Budget Travel Guides, UK has abundantly enough to satisfy your inner traveler needs and wants without breaking your wallet.

So where do we start? First off, to acquire the full potential of this budget travel guide, you must start by setting up a Budget and a Budget Limit. These two will provide you complete control while you travel, and will certainly help you a lot for you not to override your spending limit.

If you’re not sure where to jumpstart with your budget travel bustle, just follow through with this guide to make your travel experience awesome and exciting.


Camden Lock – London, UK


Flight & Transportation

For some people, going in the process on most UK flights is ridiculously painstaking. But with the power of the internet, all you need to have is patience and determination in finding cheap airline tickets and vacation packages. “Hey! But there are travel agencies, wouldn’t it be much convenient and reliable if we go straight through them instead?” – The answer is NO. Things are much better if you have full control over them. The same with independent traveling, having the opportunity to compare prices and flight schedules, building your travel plan, and discovering things on your own is pretty much a better experience compared to going through coordinated itineraries and dealing with specifics that most independent travelers can experience without limited and restrictions.

The important keyword is Research. Being on a budget trip doesn’t mean you will painfully adjust to the worst option out there possible. There are a lot of websites offering up trips and destination ideas whilst giving you an insight into what you’d expect and how much would it cost you such as Expedia, Travelocity, Hotwire, and many more.



Now that you already got the best deal on flights, the next thing to do is to settle a place for you to stay. Choosing accommodation is as easy as pie especially that you are already looking at the right place. Most people are confused in choosing between having their short-term stay in a Hotel or a Serviced Apartment in which we have already discussed in our previous blog post titled “Hotel or Serviced Apartment”.  You might also want to check out one of our article titled “Serviced Apartment in London” for a full-on insight on what it’s like traveling in London.


Budget Eats

There nothing even better than starting your day with a delicious breakfast, a big lunch, and a day-ender dinner. But how can you get all these with a tight budget whilst traveling in the UK? The answer is to Do It Yourself (DIY). It’s a simple, budget-friendly, and self-fulfilling way to cover all your meals for the rest of the day. Utilize all the non-stop deals available on the most popular supermarket chains in the UK. There is no shortage on the choices of food to choose from that’s best for your penny. Doing it yourself is preferably the most budget-wise move – But we’re not limiting you in terms of convenience. Planning to buy Pie & Mash or Fish & Chips? Go for it. Your travel experience is what’s important, just be aware of spending too much but getting too little in return.


What to do

A trip is not complete without engaging in activities most locals do. Planning the activity is what most travelers do before booking the trip, but if you want to add spice to your travel adventure, just go for it unplanned and let your inner adventurous self takeover your journey.


On the off chance that you did all the exploration and arranged everything for your excursion to the UK, all that will be a breeze while you’re there. Prepare to engage in a lifetime experience, be captivated, and be completely out of your comfort zone in the most ideal way imaginable!


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