Reasons Why a Company Should

Choose Serviced Apartments For Corporate Housing



Traveling plays a significant role when it comes to running a company. From client meetings to discussions, firms send their employees to different places for short or long periods. Under these circumstances, the companies have to provide accommodation facilities for their employees and there are reasons why a company should choose serviced apartments for corporate housing.

Finding the right place to stay during a business trip is tough. Usually, companies opt for hotels for short or long stays. However, service apartments are becoming quite popular among reasons why a company should choose serviced apartments for corporate housing. From their superior convenience and amenities to home-like facilities, serviced apartments are excellent choices. Here, we will walk you through the distinct reasons why a company should choose serviced apartments for corporate housing.



1. Easier to manage your duties in a Serviced Apartment

When you stay at a Serviced Apartment during your business trip, it becomes easier for you to go around things. When you reside in an unfamiliar place, you may find it hard to travel and conduct appointments at different locations.

Serviced Apartments offer numerous facilities like private conference rooms and workspaces. You can have discussions and presentations in conference rooms with your clients.

Apart from that, there would be on-site bars and restaurants in most Serviced Apartments. You can have casual and friendly conversations with your clients or team from there. Since you will have spacious apartments, you can also host dinners and have meetings from your place. Due to these facilities, a Serviced Apartment is far better than hotels for business-related travels.


2. Organize your day based on your routine

When you stay at a hotel, it might be hard for you to live according to your routine. If you’d like to begin your day with a run, most hotels may not have ample space for that.

With a Serviced Apartment, you can carry out your day-to-day routine with no hassle. There will be room for you to work, rest and also cook your meals. Some of them have gyms within their premises. Apart from that, there are Serviced Apartments that offer hot tubs and filtered water facilities too.

If you plan to stay longer, a hotel may not be the best choice. Though they might offer different amenities, it is hard to live in such confined spaces for long. Whereas, Serviced Apartments have more facilities and are spacious.

You can reside in a Serviced Apartment for an extended period. Here, you can stay as if you are at home and have your days the way you prefer them. Due to these factors, a Serviced Apartment acts as an excellent choice for corporate housing.


3. Cost-effective and comfortable

The price of a place depends on its location, size, amenities offered, and length of your stay. However, Serviced Apartments are cost-controlled when we compare them to hotels.

A Serviced Apartment requires minimal staff for housekeeping and providing other services. Due to this reason, a Serviced Apartment would be highly affordable for both long-term and short-term stays. However, it might be a cost-effective option if your company is looking for a long-term accommodation facility.

Apart from that, a Serviced Apartment is a comfortable place to stay. Most of them will have a flexible check-in and check-out time as well. Along with that, the neighborhood would also be nice. You can meet new people and learn more about the place’s culture.

Serviced Apartments will offer you the opportunity to stay relaxed and calm throughout your trip. Whether you would like to prepare your food or order your meal, a Serviced Apartment provides you with both these options.


4. Availability of great locations and amenities

Serviced Apartments are available in different places. You can choose a Serviced Apartment that suits your requirements in the desired location. There will be numerous Service Apartments close to restaurants, shops, airports, and railway stations. The accessibility of Serviced Apartments is another factor that allows companies to opt for them.

With a hotel, its location can be a problem. You may not find a hotel close to the place you are looking for, and even if you find one, it may be way above or below their budget.

When it comes to Serviced Apartments, they offer amenities that are as good as hotels. Most of them provide housekeeping, laundry, high-speed WIFI connections, room delivery, and other conveniences. It depends upon the Serviced Apartment your company chooses as well.


5. Privacy, freedom, and home-like experience

Though hotels offer numerous amenities and facilities, you might get tired of them during an extended stay. When it comes to privacy, a Serviced Apartment has more to offer than a hotel. It is the best place to conduct confidential meetings with your clients too.

Though there might be staff members, you can always opt for the no on-site staff option. It can add to your privacy and comfort. However, you can avail of housekeeping and cleaning services from time to time.

Since a Serviced Apartment is an independent accommodation facility, you have ample freedom. It is another reason that makes a Serviced Apartment best suited for corporate housing. You can rest, work, and hang out with your team members based on your convenience. Unlike hotels, you don’t have to worry about the others staying at your place.



When you stay at a place for an extended period, there is a high chance that you might feel homesick. It mostly happens when you reside in a hotel. With Serviced Apartments, you can have a home-like living experience. They have all the facilities that you might have in your house. You can cook your favorite meal and watch your preferred show. Along with that, you can go on walks in the evening or go out based on your leisure.

Serviced Apartments are fully furnished places and would enhance your experience during your business trip. The amenities and their ability to be home-away-from-home are some factors that make Serviced Apartments an excellent choice for corporate housing.


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