Become a Supplier Partner

Thank you for your interest to become our partner supplier with Corporate Stays. By working with us, you can extend your market reach as we invest heavily in our online presence not just in the UK but globally as well. We get enquiries from corporates companies from all around the world, looking to place their employees on medium term to long term projects. The serviced apartments which you can provide can be the perfect fit for them.

Our team have built some great relationships with our global clients. Together with your collaboration with us, will enable us to quickly find and place them in suitable apartments. As time is of the essence, we have a 1Hr response time to meet our clients requirements. By being on our database, would enable us to present your portfolio to our clients in good time, increasing the conversion rate for you.

Our team will ensure that your listings with us are seen in the best possible light. Our account managers assigned to deal with the enquiries to ensure that we negotiate the best possible conversion rates for you. The next step is to fill in our form by clicking on the button below and our team will arrange the onboarding process with you.

We look forward to a mutually fruitful relationship.