Leeds is one of the most famous towns in the UK. It is known for its comprehensive business and cultural reach. This variety has brought a lot of business opportunities and culture to the city. Especially in its restaurants, that’s just the beginning of what it offers.

You’ll have to visit some of its more personal sites to taste Leeds’ amazing and unique culture. Here are some of the best off-the-beaten-path things to do in Leeds.


A remarkably complete medieval monastery set in parkland beside the River Aire.



Kirkstall Abbey is a reminder of West Yorkshire’s long past. Built-in 1152.  These well-preserved Cistercian ruins are some of England’s oldest. They are so beautiful that great painters like Thomas Girtin and John Sell Cotman have painted them.

You are free to explore this officially Scheduled Ancient Monument. The close tourist center makes the trip more accessible than ever. The best part is that entry is free. You can even get free guided tours on occasion. There’s a tip box if you’re feeling generous and want to help keep this beautiful place in good shape.



The Leeds City Museum is great for people who want to learn more about history. It is housed in a building that dates back to 1819. Inside the museum. There are a lot of displays that mostly show Leeds’ long past. The scale model of Quarry Hill Flats and the massive map of Leeds. The floor is among the most famous parts of this museum.

There is a natural history museum, a live Indian tiger, and ancient artifacts. Like floor tiles from the 3rd century BCE and an Egyptian body from the 2nd millennium BCE. All of this can be seen for free because there is no charge to get into the museum.


Leeds City Museum is a great place to visit with children, with good exhibits, a lovely cafe, and a gift shop.



Leeds is full of great art, but you can see some of the best at Munro House. The building was built in the 1930s and has been used as an office for most of its life. In current times, however, Munro House is part of Leeds’s cultural center and is home to the Leeds Art Gallery.

This business art store has many works, including paintings, prints, sculptures, drawings, and photographs. You don’t have to pay to get in if you want to take any of the pieces home. You will have to pay. Plus, you can get cheap coffee at the gallery’s cafe.



Roundhay Park has more than 700 acres of grass, making it one of the biggest city parks in Europe. You’ll find brightly designed parks and several lakes with walking trails around them. If you want to go off the main road in this park. Some courses are a little hard to find near the river.

There are even sports fields, parks, and a skate park if you want to try something new. You can also visit Roundhay Castle, which has a funny name for a small folly built in 1811. Even though all of these sites are in the same place, their entry is still free.


The rolling parkland with lakes, woodlands, formal gardens, cafes, playgrounds, and the Tropical World visitor attraction.



Around the 5.2-mile perimeter of the Ecco Pond Reservoir is a beautiful jogging path to take in the sights. Along this path, you’ll find a nice, quiet place to escape the noise and bustle of the city. There are rolling open hills, lush woods, and roads lined with trees that create a visually striking canopy tunnel.

The area is also known for being a place of particular research interest and for having many red kites. Keep that in mind if you want to watch birds over the water. Depending on which side of the pond you’re on. The sunsets and sunrises here are also very pretty. Of course, entry is free.



Leeds Minster is a beautiful English Gothic-style minster shaped like a cross. It has a giant clock and a highly painted interior with many perpendicular traceries. Inside, there are thick stained-glass windows that are covered with beautiful pictures of important religious figures.

There are also massive pillars and beautiful Venetian tiles. Even though it’s old, this church is still in use and holds daily meetings. You can enjoy the few hours that Leeds Minster is open to the public daily. Parishioners often offer light meals and drinks that you can enjoy for free.


The Christian community in the center of Leeds serves the city.



The Leeds Welcome Art Trail is a fun way to see some of the city’s best art. The trail runs through the town, showing traditional art pieces and more unusual designs. Many local painters, sculptors, and designers worked on this art trail. Along with some of the best artists from Britain’s famous art nouveau scene.

Also, the ages of the art pieces change quite a bit. Some were added in the past few years, while others have been in Leeds for over a century. As a public work of art, the trail is free for everyone to enjoy.


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