London’s Christmas lights will be turned all the way up in 2022, so you can see the city at its brightest. Even if you believe Christmas is all about money. You have to admit that London looks fantastic when it is decorated with Christmas lights and trees. In addition, London is never short of impressive holiday light shows.

A visit to any of these bright avenues, from the traditional angels that shine above Regent’s Street to the stylish. Themed displays that adorn Carnaby Street, are enough to put a spring in the step of even the most jaded Grinch. All the greatest London Christmas spirits are here, whether you want to see the perennial favorites in the city center. Go out to see some of the less well-known displays.


When Do London’s Holiday Lights Usually Go On

Every year, on the second Wednesday of November, the lights on London’s Oxford Street are turned on. Marking the beginning of the city’s annual Christmas light displays. On Tuesday, November 8, the streets of Carnaby and Covent Garden will be lighted.

And on Wednesday, November 9, Regent Street and St. James’s will do the same. By the middle of the month, London will be aglow with holiday lights everywhere.


London’s Finest Holiday Displays in 2022


Kenwood  Holiday Season

Experience the spirit of the holiday with a modern twist on a classic tale.


At its majestic home on Hampstead Heath, Kenwood House is putting up a brand-new Christmas light path. The magnificent home will be transformed into a “multi-sensory combination of light. Rire, and music” with installations, avenues of luminous trees, a laser garden, and impressive-looking projections.

There will be hot drinks and mince pies at the end of the path. Hampstead Heath is the one place in London that can make you feel like it’s Christmas.


Oxford Street’s Holiday Season

Christmas lights in Oxford street.


If you’re looking for beautiful holiday lighting this season, go no further than Oxford Street. They’ll be the first to turn on their lights on November 2. The popular commercial corridor will once again include its stunning display of 5,000 suspended stars.

Which will look amazing against the night sky. This thing has a mystical aura about it. And this year, there’s a renewed commitment to sustainability, with measures like shorter business hours. They use LED lighting to cut down on energy costs.


Covent Garden

Christmas lights in Covent Garden


Covent Garden Piazza in December is, as always, one of the most Christmassy places in all of London. Again, it will be adorned with giant, beautiful ornaments like baubles and mistletoe floating in the air. There will be a Christmas sandwich festival and late-night shopping. Daily snowfall, to name a few of the many additional reasons. Point your feet in that direction once the holiday season begins.


Regent Street

Christmas Lights Display at Regent Street


Holiday lights are strung throughout the whole length of the enormous commercial street. Starting on November 9, you may once again see the gleaming golden angels flying over Regent Street. Every day between 2 p.m. and midnight, the lights will be turned on to reduce the environmental impact of the exhibition.

“The Spirits of Christmas” is the name given to the massive light show. It spans both Regent’s Street and St. James. Hundreds of thousands of LEDs light up the 45 ghosts that float above the crowds of people shopping.



One of London’s most atmospheric and charming high streets.


On November 10, an event was complete with food booths and a snow machine. Santa’s grotto will begin lighting up one of London’s most lovely and atmospheric high streets. Combining a trip to Daunt Books, the Ginger Pig, or Gunmaker’s with a day of sightseeing is a terrific idea.


Southbank Center Winter Lights

Take a leisurely stroll down the Thames while sipping on a warm beverage or snacking on some delicious street food at our Winter Market.


Southbank Centre, a popular cultural hub along the river. Will be lit up with holiday lights for the second year in a row. All are welcome to attend Winter Light. A free outdoor exhibition showcasing an electrifying assortment of “Lightworks”  by internationally renowned artists.

They all use light, color, and sometimes experimental filmmaking techniques to explore concerns. Themes related to the environment, technology, city life, and spirituality.


Kew Gardens

Come celebrate the most delightful time of the year with us at Kew Gardens in 2022 as our enchanted winter path illuminates the night sky.


This holiday season, Kew Gardens will transform into a magical garden filled to the brim with a million lights. Sounds like the season. It’s no secret that Christmas at Kew is one of London’s most anticipated holiday traditions. Many residents make the trip out to the 300-acre World Heritage Site to marvel at the sparkling light tunnels.

Glittering lakeside reflections, and iridescent trees. In addition to the gigantic light displays, there will be lots of other fun things to do and see. Such as a grotto and some hearty winter treats.


Hampton Court Palace

Enjoy the light of festive lanterns and luminous mythical creatures.


This holiday season, explore Hampton Court Palace’s stately gardens. Enjoy the glow of Christmas lamps and glowing fantastical creatures. The path this year is twice as long as in previous years so that visitors may see twice as many impressive exhibits. Installations based on Henry VIII’s collection of heraldic sculptures.

The Royal Beasts were commissioned for Hampton Court. As you explore the formal gardens, the wilder areas of the grounds, and parts of the palace itself. You can look forward to seeing glittering unicorns, polka-dotted panthers, and gleaming greyhounds. As well as interactive light displays that change as you move around them.  The legendary Kerb food truck will be parked along the course, selling delicious treats, so make sure to arrive hungry.

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