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The Coronavirus pandemic is ongoing and it has made global disruption in the travel industry with all travel currently at a halt. While a lot of us are deciding to stay in our homes in the UK, rather than planning holidays to far off places, hodophiles are looking for ways to calm their wanderlust. In all these circumstances, a staycation in the UK seems to be a pretty great idea. 

While the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live by constraining the whole world to stay inside, it has also reshaped the travel dynamics to a great extent. Restrictions on travel have implied holidays and weekends away have changed which has resulted in a huge drop in international tourism. But to the brighter side, Staycations in the UK has increased a lot in popularity during the covid year. For the majority of us, these breaks have proved a gateway we all needed to adjust to the new normal. London has become the most famous staycation destination in the UK in the year 2020.

However, Planning a staycation in the middle of the pandemic requires more consideration than a pre-Covid one because there is a very thin line between Joy and pain which necessitates the realization of How important your security and health are.

In any event, London is an astounding spot to visit even during the pandemic.  Full to the edge with culture, cuisine, entertainment, famous landmarks, and even nature, there is something for everybody in the UK’s capital city. Along these lines, this article covers the tips on planning your next staycation in the UK during the pandemic.


Planning your staycation in the London checklist 

1) Location 

When it comes to deciding your staycation destination, London is no short of destinations to suit all types of holidaymakers families to couples and friends and their moods. So whether you are looking for a holiday full of adventure and nature, culture, or even a day out at the seaside, London has some of the most envied holiday destinations in the world, from London city to the Lake District with many pristine gems in between. With so much in your homeland, why would you even want to venture abroad?

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge


2) Work out an itinerary

Start by outlining your travel plan, Research the local area In detail, and make sure you don’t miss anything interesting. Local guide books, blogs, and online reviews can help you a lot in getting a measure of amenities and activities in the surrounding areas and planning your vacation accordingly. For popular destinations and activities, booking in advance would be a worthwhile decision. For example, if you are thinking about renting a bike or following a walking trail, or dining out, booking in advance can save you money, time and avoid disappointment.


3) Stay on your budget 

Planning a staycation during the pandemic automatically means cheap travel expenses. But you can cut your expenses even shorter on your travel budget by booking outside of weekends, bank holidays, and other national holidays.  If you are booking travel in the UK, it’s smart to buy your tickets well ahead of time. By booking ahead, you’ll get better prices due to lower demand. You can also go for a cheaper holiday location. By opting for up and coming holiday resorts and areas you’ll save money, exploring Iess-famous gems, food and drink and entertainment prices will also probably be cheaper, as tourists won’t yet have inflated prices. Comparison sites can also prove of great help to find the cheapest deal available, If you are not fixed on your dates, you will have a wider price bracket, with more options to select your ideal staycation from.


4) Get yourself an RV and plan new adventures

An RV or Motorhome makes it simple to travel, in less time and you can take the entire family with you. Use your weekends to plan new adventures and see new places. 

English Coastline

English Coastline


Plan hikes, bicycle rides, discover the UK’s best wild swimming spots, or head out to the seashore and enjoy a coastline excursion. For a weekend away with the children, pick a campsite in a shoreline resort where there will be parts to do and a lot to see. Stay on a campsite where there will be other kids they can play with. If the grandparents are coming as well, pack games and movies to keep all of you engaged whatever the weather conjecture. For a romantic staycation, pick a detached spot in the countryside, enclosed by beautiful views, and will give you the harmony and protection you are looking for.

London is always chock-a-block with things to do and sight to see, making it an international tourist destination, and while a lot has changed due to the pandemic, London and its charm stays the same. Enriched with history, culture, sites, sounds and so much more, the UK staycation promises to be an unforgettable experience. Have you been planning a staycation in the UK lately?  We can help you choose affordable accommodation and a couple of other things. Ring us now!


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