Covid 19

Covid 19



2020 is going to be one hell of a year to remember, unfortunately for the worst reasons. Like many other industries, the hospitality industry also suffered a great crisis, probably the worst in a generation. Every day we come to know about the constantly increasing case numbers, vaccine trials, lockdown restrictions, and their impact on travel, tourism, and the wider economy.  While the whole picture has been quite discouraging for us, the serviced accommodation sector has shown quite a stronger resilience to the ongoing situations. The serviced apartment sector has been able to comply easily with COVID restrictions as they are spacious, self-contained units with a kitchenette mostly, as well as appliances such as washers and dryers which makes them a more favourable choice for Providing key workers in the UK with a Serviced Accommodation during Covid-19. Now there are several reasons why the Serviced apartments in the UK are considered a better option by businesses to accommodate their essential workers in Covid times. Read on to find out:


Serviced apartments are a need of the hour

There would never be times better than these to provide safe and secure accommodation to your team. The virus is in the air and it can linger in the air for quite a long time, which makes other accommodation options such as a traditional hotel a risky choice; hence the reason to choose serviced apartments in the UK. Serviced apartments allow your key workforce to enjoy residency at a property,  giving them the privacy, autonomy, and security that is their basic right. Providing your key workers with serviced accommodation removes the risk of interacting with other people and allows them to breathe in a place that feels like home.


Key Worker Accommodation

Key Worker Accommodation

Serviced apartments provide easy access to various amenities

Serviced apartments in the UK are an exceptional source of various amenities. In addition to providing you with a safe and secure place to sleep, trusted Serviced apartments in the UK like ours, allow you to get a massive bang for your buck. Our apartments feature six communal areas, including a laundry area and a kitchenette, allowing you to whip up your own nutritious meal and enjoy the freedom of washing your clothes, whenever you need to. Depending upon the area where your preferred apartment is located, you may have easy access to medical centres and restaurants. With the full comprehensive range of facilities which adds up to give you the feel almost as if you are in your own home, saving you from the hassle and expenses of getting takeout meals and ordering room service every day.


Serviced apartments are more affordable than hotel stays

The secret behind the continued success of the serviced apartments in the UK is their cost effectiveness. The availability of single rooms in the majority of serviced apartments make them more economical than booking big hotel rooms. They have a lower operating cost as compared with the traditional hotel stays as less money is spent on staffing, housekeeping, and maintaining a bar and restaurant. Companies can cut their costs by renting serviced apartments for their employees for long term stays as it also gives them better amenities at the same time.


Serviced apartments are more spacious

No question Serviced Apartments in the UK win out over traditional hotel rooms with average dimensions. Not only are they more spacious but are fully equipped too. Staying in serviced apartments comes with the ability to relax in fully-furnished rooms, prepare your meals in serviced kitchens with dining tables,  do your clothes yourself in the laundry area and, much more. For business stays where everything relies on sticking to the tight schedule, Serviced Apartments in the UK are hands-on the best options for companies looking to house their key workers during Covid-19.

Doncaster Coppergate Mews Serviced Apartments

Safe self contained deep sanitised apartment


Serviced apartments offer better locations in convenient and desirable neighbourhoods

When going for business stays workers can profit from the availability of serviced apartments. With more choices in many areas, companies are switching to this model of corporate housing for additional convenience. Big hotels are restricted in the locations they can offer while furnished apartment companies can offer luxurious housing in different convenient and attractive locations around the city. Companies can frequently work with only one housing service provider for all their corporate housing requirements across multiple cities. Serviced apartment providers like Corporate Stays UK have apartments in many major cities across the UK. The convenience of confiding in only one service provider for your housing needs is favourable for a company where streamlining services can prompt significant cost savings and fewer headaches.


Contact Corporate Stays UK now

At Corporate Stays UK, all our staff is working exhaustively to provide essential workers with the secured accommodation during these critical Covid times. We are providing our Serviced Apartments in the UK to key workers who are looking for a longer-term form of accommodation that feels like a home.  Contact Corporate Stays UK today for more info on our serviced apartments in the UK. Our team is looking forward to serve you and your key workers with a smile on our faces. All our offices are open and are operating as per usual. Occupants are advised to abide by the safe distancing measures. Let us join hands and maintain a health and safe environment.


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