Apartment in London

Apartment in London


Traveling in London is a great way to explore new cities and indulge in new cultures, and the best way to experience a foreign lifestyle for the short term. While the most go-to choice for most travel bugs would be the fanciest hotels recommended by celebrities, there are other ways you can enjoy your trip like a local – like a nice serviced apartment in London. 

These serviced apartments or more popularly known as apartment hotels (or aparthotels as London locals call it) can be found in most of the European cities, especially in London. Made to comfortable like you would expect to feel in a home, the aparthotel London offers is a luxury apartment with amenities you would experience in a hotel. The serviced apartment in London is catered for long or short-term rental that’s ideal for families and larger groups.

Hotel apartments in London are at an all-time high as more and more travellers prefer to have more privacy and freedom to do what they want. Since the aparthotel in London is basically home with the privilege of hotel services, it’s a popular choice for most business travellers or leisure travellers.

There are more reasons why a serviced apartment in London, or in other European cities, is taking off. Here are a few:


It’s a Home Away From Home

A serviced apartment is made with a fully functional kitchenette, a living space all to yourself, and more rooms for a bigger group of travellers. It’s basically your average cozy apartment but with hotel room services. You can enjoy more space compared to a cramped hotel room, and even a decent WiFi connection that seems to fade in your room.

It’s a great choice for families as well as kids tend to need more space to play or lounge. Hotels have their rules and regulations that families need to follow, but a serviced apartment provides freedom in activities for kids. Their messes won’t need to be your responsibility as expected of living in a home – you can call services to have your room cleaned while you stroll the city.

Another bonus point is a functional kitchen where you can make late meals according to your cravings. It’s perfect for families with fussy toddlers or picky kids that won’t seem to enjoy the options available on the menu. It’s also ideal for a group of friends as well if they want to have a lazy morning instead of rushing to the breakfast buffet at 7 AM after a night of partying.


Convenient Option For Long or Short Term Rental

Whatever your reason is for traveling, it’s a better option for leisure or business travellers compared to a hotel. It’s convenient as most aparthotels in London are strategically placed in busy areas in the city compared to most hotels. 5-star hotels are usually secluded and are tucked in scenic locations.

You can go around whenever you want without worrying about how you’ll get back home to your hotel. As mentioned before, you can also shop for your own meals if you’re following a strict diet and cook it back to the apartment. These hotel apartments in London are strategically placed near bustling streets and sometimes tourist attractions.

Another bonus of getting a serviced apartment in London (or maybe an apartment in Manchester) is that they get cheaper the longer you stay – an ideal deal for traveling professionals when traveling to work. They don’t compromise on the comforts the hotel gives as well – you can enjoy clean sheets whenever you get home from an adventure as you would expect from a hotel.


Home Away from home

Home Away from home


Better Experience

Since serviced apartments or aparthotels are basically convenient luxury homes away from your home, you get to experience living like a local in a foreign city. You will see where the locals go and actually meet other locals outside the building compared to abiding by the hotels’ recommendations.

You get to see the hole in the wall establishments with unique delicacies and even meet new friends while enjoying a quick stop in one of the trusted marts in the neighbourhood. You get to experience activities only locals would know and party places that most locals go to. It’s a perfect way to explore and get the best secrets and spots in the city. You might even find long term friends to share experiences with – it’ll be a great story once you get back home.

Another bonus would be local treats – you can ask hotel apartments in London to stock up on local treats in your cupboard. You can enjoy local delicacies in the region and maybe take it back home with you.


Better Schedule Control

You’re probably guilty of waking up at the crack of dawn for breakfast and cramming all activities in a specific time because your hotel or hostel has a strict schedule, but with serviced apartments in London, you have free rein over when you want to do certain activities. Since hotel restaurants and bars have closing times (and honestly limits your choices), you can explore the nightlife more freely if you choose an aparthotel in London.

This is important for families with children who won’t seem to cooperate when they need to go to breakfast buffets or those with teenagers who stayed up too late to wake up early. You can start your day a little later and won’t have to lament the missed buffet opportunity.

Another concern would be the hotel tourist bus schedules that you absolutely need to adhere to if you want to save a couple of bucks from taxi rides. This can be bad if your hotel isn’t well-known and it can be a huge hassle to explain it to the cab driver.

If you consider traveling to European countries, consider getting an aparthotel or serviced apartments to stay in. It’s a smarter choice and definitely a great deal for travellers who wants to save more money during a trip. It lets you invest more in fun experiences rather than lodging.

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