Visit ancient gardens, palaces, and the city’s oldest independent cinema for a romantic night in Edinburgh. This wonderful city of Edinburgh has everything you need.

From one of the city’s vantages, the sun goes down over iconic landmarks like Edinburgh Castle. A chocolate factory is an option for a unique gift for your loved one. Here are some ideas for things to do in Edinburgh to make your loved one fall head over heels for you.


The Holyrood Palace

Palace of Holyroodhouse is residence of the Queen in Edinburgh, Scotland

Palace of Holyroodhouse at the residence of the Queen in Edinburgh, Scotland


Scottish royalty has called the Palace of Holyroodhouse home since the 16th century. When it was built to be a summer retreat. A romantic gateway may be enjoyed on its perfect grounds. Discover the Scottish and British monarchies in state galleries and throne chamber of this historical baroque-and-neoclassical castle.

In the Mews Courtyard, you and your love-one may enjoy an award-winning afternoon tea with a glass of bubbly.  Scrumptious pastries, and unimpeded views of Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano, all in one place. There is a minimum charge of £20 for each passenger.


Edinburgh movie theaters
 Facade and Entrance to the Filmhouse Art House Cinema on Lothian Road

Facade and Entrance to the Filmhouse Art House Cinema on Lothian Road


The neoclassical mansion in which the Edinburgh Filmhouse now resides was originally built in 1831. Housed a church before being converted to a movie theater. As an independent auditorium and cinema. It has maintained many of its original interior characteristics since 1971. Giving it a nostalgic look that is distinct from chain options. You may see oldies and current releases in an intimate atmosphere at this venue.

Edinburgh Filmhouse is a cultural landmark and a popular dating site. When it comes to film festivals, it has the world’s oldest, the Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF). Summer is a perfect time to visit.


COCO’s Chocolatier
chocolate handmade praline on dark moody rustic background with dark chocolate chunks and coconut in a shallow background

Chocolate handmade praline on dark moody with dark chocolate chunks and coconut in a shallow.


COCO Chocolatier sells chocolates, fudges, and nuts handcrafted by local artisan chocolatiers. All wrapped in art created by modern local artists. For any occasion, the hamper baskets are the perfect gift choice. It’s a great activity for you and your loved ones to enjoy. A 2-hour chocolate school is offered every the first Saturday of the month.

At COCO Chocolatier, the chocolates are made using organic or locally sourced ingredients. The menu includes options for vegetarians and people with dietary routines. You should expect to pay roughly £60 per person for the sample session. Which includes a gift bag of your creations to take home.


Well of St. Bernard’s
St Bernard's Well near Dean village in Edinburgh

St Bernard’s Well near Dean Village in Edinburgh.


Designed by renowned Edinburgh landscape painter Alexander Nasmyth in 1789.  St Bernard’s Well was based on the Temple of Vesta in Italy and was built in the classical style. At this beautiful monument in Lieth. There are 10 Doric columns and a beautiful statue of the Greek goddess of health, Hygieia at the foot.

It is only available to the public a few times a year. Only those who are lucky enough to get a glimpse of the inlaid mosaic may see it. St Bernard’s well just after a downpour when the sound of rain rushed down the channels beneath.


Dean Bridge
Scenic sight of Dean Bridge in Edinburgh

The scenic sight of Dean Bridge in Edinburgh


Dean Village is peaceful and remained almost undisturbed since the 19th century. Elegant cottages, small lanes, calm rivers, and bridges. The Water of Leith Walkway is a popular place for lovers. Taking in views of the village’s industrial past, which includes many old mills. It’s recognized as one of Scotland’s most beautiful sights.

Dean Village is about 1.5 kilometers from the protected sites of Old Town and New Town. While walking through the city, you’ll pass Edinburgh Castle and St. Cuthbert’s Parish Church.


The Closed Garden of Dunbar
Dunbar's Close Garden on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

Dunbar’s Close Garden on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.


Dunbar’s Close is a 17th-century garden that is one of the little cobblestone lanes of the famed Royal Mile. Despite its central position. This hidden garden is seldom visited, so you and your better half will enjoy its well-manicured shrubs.  Trees, and lovely parterres unhindered by throngs of other tourists.

Canongate’s historic church walls provide enough seats for a picnic under the trees. The park is free to enter, but the hours of operation change seasonally and on holidays. It’s a good idea to get there early in the morning so that you don’t have to deal with a lot of people.


C.A.T. Hill
The Governor's House on Calton Hill in Edinburgh - Scotland.

The Governor’s House on Calton Hill in Edinburgh – Scotland.


Edinburgh’s Calton Hill is one of the city’s tallest peaks, standing at 103 meters. Edinburgh Castle and renowned monuments such as the incomplete but recognizable National Monument may also be seen as a backdrop to a beautiful sunset at the Water of Leith, which is located just west of the city center. The Nelson Monument and the Dugald Stewart Monument may both be seen atop Calton Hill, too.

Getting to the top of Calton Hill at least an hour before sunset will ensure you have a spot. Explore the neighborhood at the foot of the hill after taking in the vista. The Palace of Holyrood, as well as several lively taverns, can be found at the foot of the castle.


A Palace in Linlithgow
The ruins of Linlithgow Palace and St. Michael's church

The Ruins of Linlithgow Palace and St. Michael’s church


Although it has been abandoned for centuries, Linlithgow Palace is one of Scotland’s best-preserved royal residences. Visit the palace on your schedule and retrace the steps of past Scottish and British royals. There’s a decent possibility you and your better half will have the place to yourselves because of the dearth of visitors.

Linlithgow Palace is located approximately 15 miles west of Edinburgh, in the Scottish Borders. A train ride from Edinburgh Waverley Station to Linlithgow Station takes around 20 minutes to get there. The palace’s entrance fees start at roughly £5 for an adult. Do not miss out on getting a bird’s-eye view of the lake below as you climb the tower.


The Island of Cramond
A popular tourist destination with stunning views

A popular tourist destination with stunning views in Western Atlantic.


Edinburgh’s history buffs will find Cramond Island suitable for a romantic weekend away from the city. One of the several islands in the Firth of Forth, the island has excellent views of the mainland. Among the island’s attractions are modest beaches and fortifications from World Wars I and II. When the tide is low, the only way to get to this tidal island is to cross a causeway.

Before trying to travel to the island, make sure to verify the tide timings displayed at the causeway’s entrance. ‘” Even if it’s a lovely walk, you wouldn’t be the first pair to be left stranded because of terrible timing. To escape the weekend crowds, we suggest visiting during the week.

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