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Hotel or Serviced Apartment? Which is more practical for short-term stays?


We could all agree that Travelling is one of the stress-reducing activities to do either with yourself, your whole family or even just together with your partner. Although travelling seems fun, we still can’t ignore the fact that having a place to stay for the time being also needs to be part of your overall budget, most especially if you aren’t travelling alone or if you’re going to be away for a while with a tight budget.

Technically, it wouldn’t be much of a headache if you already have accommodation on standby ahead on your travel plan, which is ideal – But, given if you don’t have one yet, choosing between a Hotel Room or a Serviced Apartment is a tough choice to think of, at least not until now.

So how would you choose rightfully on which one is a better option for you? Here are some friendly guidelines:


Know the difference.

In plain sight, staying in a hotel is just similar compared to staying in a serviced apartment – which is false. The most noticeable advantage between a hotel room and a serviced apartment is the Space. If you look at it on a bigger picture, a serviced apartment gives you more than a bedroom to sleep, as there are separate areas to occupy to eat, relax and engage.


The Price is more than Right.

Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean ignoring the best and staying on the worst out there.  Most of the time, staying in a serviced apartment cost the same or even less than staying in a hotel, not to mention the apartment facilities included for your lifestyle essentials that are also being offered as a package. All you need to do is to find the best and most practical accommodation for your short-stay needs and enjoy the finest out of it. Staying for a week? Month or Two? Serviced Apartments give you the most benefit you could ever ask for cost-effectively.


Set your expectations and know the perks.

You can’t go wrong with having your short-stays in serviced apartments. It’s a home away from home. Depending on the type of apartment, sufficient amenities to essentially facilitate your lifestyles are mostly readily available such as Free Wi-Fi, Dishwasher, a designated Laundry Area to settle your laundry anytime at your convenience, a fully equipped Kitchen Facility where you can cook your favourite food, and more.  In terms of privacy, serviced apartments tend to offer it more than what hotels do. However, hotels provide you with room services compared to serviced apartments. Not unless if you need room services, then it won’t be that big of a deal.


Now that you know some of the guidelines on how to properly differentiate and choose the best accommodation for your short-stay needs, you also need to realize that there are a vast amount of serviced apartments listed to fulfil your essential, travel and lifestyle needs, and it shouldn’t be that complicated for you to identify now on which of which is the most practical for your stay.


Yet do not misunderstand, Hotels are also available in different shapes and sizes, they also have some unique amenities and facilities to offer to their guests, but there’s nothing better than being with your family, your partner and even by yourself in a serviced apartment that offers you space to do more, engage more and live more. So why not book your stay in a spacious and cost-effective serviced apartment over a small and overpriced hotel room?



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