St John's College, University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England, UK

St John’s College, the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England, UK.


In addition to the city’s rich history and culture, there are several fun things to do with kids in Cambridge. In and around the city, there is several outdoor activities ideal for families. Activities range from aviation history buff pursuits to environmental stewardship. When it’s raining, go to the movies or the theater to see family-friendly fare.

Due to its pancake-flat terrain, Cambridge is a great place to go riding for all ages. There are miles and miles of bike paths that are completely free of automobiles. A bike ride along the River Cam is a wonderful way to spend a sunny day. As long the parents do most of the paddling, children will enjoy a two-seater kayak on the river.

In addition, there are several stories of ghosts in Cambridge. Taking a spooky ghost tour will give them something to talk about with their plans when they return home. Certain students have seen ghosts in college dorm rooms as well as phantoms clothed in English Civil War clothes. Unafraid families may enjoy a ghost tour of this city filled with the undead.


1. Cambridge on two wheels.


This is the only trip in Cambridge that allows you to see the college boats, the University Real Tennis Club, and the best location in town to see Kings College Chapel, the Cambridge River Cruise. Having a nice time and seeing the city is possible to be a primary goal of this tour.

The City, Grantchester, and River Pubs. A combination of a bike ride and a punt is a popular option. People of all ages should be able to access services. Ride moderate pace with a small group of friends or family members. Youngsters who are six years old or older are given bicycles. What’s important is that you enjoyed it, whether you’re traveling alone or with a large group of friends or family. Even a hen party may have a good time.


Cambridge River Cruise

Cambridge River Cruise


2. Scudamore’s Punting Company.


A punt (a flat-bottomed boat) trip along the River Cam or the River Granta is an activity for teens. There are two-person kayaks available for exploring the river with a group. One of the numerous shops for renting kayaks and punts by the hour on the island, Scudamore is one of the most popular.


3. Cambridge, Massachusetts’ Black Shuck Hauntings


Cambridge, the United Kingdom’s official tour business for all things spooky! Mystery, magic, and murder are just three of the many ways we’ll show you the darker side of the British university town. One of Cambridge’s most popular ghost tours, “Haunted Cambridge,” and one of the most comprehensive witchcraft and magic tours in the United Kingdom, “Witchcraft & Magic Tour.” It is named after a ghost dog that haunts the Cambridgeshire countryside and offers tours to some of the city’s most haunted locations.


Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts

Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts


4. Cambridge’s spooky.


As one would expect from an ancient city like Cambridge, which boasts a nearly 2,000-year history, the city has its fair share of ghosts.

There is no better place for a spine-tingling than the gorgeous city of Cambridge. As you set foot on the property, you’ll feel comfortable, whether it’s because of the massive Gothic edifice the medieval style.

Visitors to the local tourist information office are given spine-tingling as they walk through dark alleyways and college courtyards.


Audley End House and Garden Front in Essex in England

Audley End House and Garden Front in Essex in England.


5. Audley End Miniature Railway (Audley End Model Railway)


The cars of this vintage, the miniature train can only accommodate two people at a time in comfort and convenience. They’re the right size for kids, and a 15-minute ride each way is all it takes. Once the kids have had their fill of the Enchanted Fairy and Elf Walk, their parents may relax with a picnic lunch from the on-site café.

A treasure hunt for the children will be a lot of fun with the teddies who live in the woods. In the Enchanted Woods, keep an eye out for little fairies and elves perched in their tiny tree houses. One of Audley End’s Fairy or Elf aids can even assist you in making a Fairy Wand or Magic Stick. You may use the I Spy Booklet to document your observations. On Saturdays and Sundays, when the trains are pulled by a steam engine, adults may experience a step back in time.

A wheelchair-accessible carriage, disabled parking, and handicapped facilities are all beside the platform. In addition to refreshments and souvenirs, there is a café and a shop in the area.


6. Shepreth Wildlife Park


Creatures in Shepreth Wildlife Park include hedgehogs, owls, meerkats, and one of the rarest animals in the world, the lynx.

Tiny, educational wildlife park in the suburbs of Boston. Families can get up close and personal with animals like tigers, lemurs, and marmosets. It’s around seven miles south of Cambridge city. There are plenty of kid-friendly options at Café de Paris.


British Museum in London

British Museum in London


7. Duxford: British Museum of Military History


It will be 40 years since the Falklands War, which pitted Argentina and the United Kingdom against one another for control of British territory in the South Atlantic when it is remembered in full force for the first time. Both online and in the Imperial War Museums in London and North Yorkshire, stories and exhibits will be highlighted and upgraded.

Flight simulators are available for youngsters to explore this massive museum. Exhibitions include a British Concorde airplane, and American planes from WWII and the Cold War, military vehicles, and other objects. Because so many of the exhibits are made outdoors, choose a day when the weather is good.

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