Visit the haunted destinations around the world, and enjoy your spooky vacation.


We all enjoy going on vacation to see what is strange and wonderful. What could be more strange and wonderful than a haunted location? There are hundreds of historical landmarks in the United Kingdom that appear to be occupied by the undead.

Ancient fortresses, abandoned houses, old cemeteries, and dense forests. All of the world’s haunted places have strange, eerie feelings associated with them. Reports of tragic accidents and ghost sightings add to the fear of visiting the world’s most haunted locations.

We dare all you brave hearts to travel around the world to see what foreign beings from foreign lands are up to. Starting in India, we travel to haunted locations in Australia, Europe, America, and Africa.

Here is a list of some of the most terrifying places. Learn about the strange world in which we live.


Bhangarh Fort, India

A16th-century fort built in the Rajasthan state of India


You’ve probably heard of the Bhangarh fort story. The hauntedness of the Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan’s Alwar district has made it one of the most haunted places in the world. The fort of Bhangarh is not open at night. According to one of the folklore, Tantrik Singhia used magic to win the heart of Princess Ratnavatil.

When the princess learned of his evil plans, she had him killed. Before dying, the Tantrik cursed the village residents to die and the village houses to remain roofless. Even today, if a roof is constructed, it will collapse. So, are you prepared to travel to Bhangarh?


Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia

A historic homestead located in the town of Junee, New South Wales, Australia.


The Monte Cristo Homestead is a haunted mansion in Australia’s New South Wales state. Because of the haunted stories about Mrs. Crawley. The mansion is well-known as one of the most haunted places in the world. After her husband died, the previous owner never left the house for 23 years.

She believed that when she died, her bodyless phantom haunted her room. People claim to have seen her bodyless ghost in the window, and strange voices. Flickering lights, and a floating ghost in the corridor. In the past, there have been reports of accidents and murders in the mansion.


Aradale Lunatic Asylum, Australia

Explore exclusive parts of Australia’s largest abandoned lunatic asylum.


The Aradale Lunatic Asylum in Victoria is the state’s largest abandoned mental hospital. The building complex, which opened in 1867, housed most of the British Empire’s worst lunatics. Ghost of Nurse Kerry has made it a popular Australian entry on the list of the world’s most haunted places.

The ghost is said to haunt the women’s wing. Another popular story involves the ghost of Old Margaret. One of the many patients who were forced to leave the asylum when was closed down in the 1990s.


Highgate Cemetery, London 

One of London’s most infamous cemeteries originally opened as one of the city’s “Magnificent Seven” park cemeteries.


The Highgate Cemetery in North London, founded in 1839, is one of the most haunted places on the planet. Many supernatural reports have been made about the final resting place of over 170,000 people.

it’s the story of the Highgate Vampire. A 7-foot-tall phantom with hypnotic red eyes and a long black coat. When a badly charred body of a woman was discovered decapitated, the vampire story gained traction.


The Tower of London, England

The oldest palace, fortress, and prison in Europe


The Tower of London is one of the most haunted places in the world. Popular tourist attractions in London during the day. Several princes and others have been executed in the tower, which dates back to 1078. Local tower guards, known as Beef Eaters, have reported seeing the headless ghosts.

Lady Jane Grey, Anne Boleyn, and the two princes who murdered their uncle, Richard III, in 1483.


Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

The castle now serves as a military station and is home to the Scottish National War Memorial.


The landmark historic castle is said to be located on grounds that date back to the Iron Age. In addition to being a popular tourist destination during the day. Castle is home to a ghost dog. A headless drummer, and a phantom piper.

Several volunteers and scientists claimed to have had ghost experiences. It happened while they are conducting a 10-day scientific investigation of the castle in 2001. Since then, many have begun to regard Edinburgh Castle as one of the world’s most haunted locations. Discover more about Edinburgh.


Akershus Castle, Norway

A medieval castle was built to give shelter and protection to the Norwegian royal family.


Many consider the former strategic fortification and jail. Erected in the 1290s, the most haunted spot on the planet. The castle was previously used for Nazi killings. It’s supposed to be haunted by a robed woman and a Malcanisen dog. It is claimed that anyone who sees the Malcanisen’s spirit will die soon.


Paris Catacombs, France

Underground ossuaries in Paris, France, hold the remains of more than six million people in a small part of a tunnel.


The sight of these spider-webbing tunnels under Paris may be terrifying. The catacombs were not intended to store human remains. Numerous bones put in beautiful configurations in the tunnels owing to overcrowding in cemeteries in the 18th century.

In addition to accounts of individuals seeing apparitions in these tombs. People have disappeared entirely within these tunnels.


Rose Hall, Jamaica

A haunted eighteenth-century plantation home


Rose Hall, located in Montego Bay, is a former plantation mansion. One of its past female owners is accused of utilizing voodoo to murder many spouses and slaves. The Rose Hall is one of the most haunted sites in the world.


 Castle of Good Hope, South Africa

The oldest existing colonial building in South Africa


The Dutch East India Company built the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town in the 16th century. Resupply ships about to go into treacherous waters. Guards on duty have reported seeing the spirits of a screaming lady. A towering guy, and a black dog for years.

The screaming woman’s ghost, on the other hand. They allegedly ceased appearing after a woman’s body was discovered near the castle.


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