Taking walks around and enjoying the scenery.


Outdoor adventure vacations in the UK are a great way to experience the best of both worlds. Excited to go out and explore after a year of being cooped up?

Have neoprene and hiking boots took precedence over linen and sandals in your summer wardrobe? These days, you don’t have to fly to far-flung other countries to get your adrenaline rush. The United Kingdom features a wide variety of breathtaking natural environments.

Suitable for extreme sports and outdoor experiences, including breathtaking beaches, mountainous treks, and a wealth of national parks. If you like cliff camping in North Wales or sea kayaking in the Highlands, you’ll find it all right here in the UK.

If you’ve had a particular year indoors, check out our outdoor  list of some of the top locations to go climbing. Windsurfing, skydiving, and more in the UK and Ireland. Take a deep breath and do it!


The Top UK-based Extreme Sports Vacations



Cornwall is the most famous surfing beach in Uk.

Getting Wet and Wild in the Waves in Cornwall

Cornwall, with its many beautiful beaches and milder temperatures than the rest of our wet little island, is a popular outdoor destination for surfers from all over the world.

Fistral Beach in Newquay, Cornwall, hosts the annual European surfing championship “Boardmasters,”. Making it one of the most popular surfing locations in the country.

Surf schools of all levels may be found at the calmer Perranporth Beach or Watergate Bay.





Coasteering on the Causeway Coast

What is coasteering? It’s a fun way to see the coast by combining swimming, climbing, and cliff leaping. Think of a more intense kind of rock pooling? Similar to how parkour differs from your level stroll. A relatively new outdoor adventure, coasteering is gaining popularity on Great Britain’s many islands. The rocky coast of the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is a great place to give it a try.

If you don’t have the right safety gear or know-how, going out on your own can be dangerous. Instead, go on a trip with Causeway Coasteering.


Aerial Adventures in Wiltshire

The UK has hundreds of parachuting “drop zones,” so you’re never too far from an exhilarating skydive. Stonehenge can only be seen from 15,000 feet on one of the UK’s highest tandem skydives at GoSkyDive in Wiltshire.

When you’re freefalling more than three miles above Wiltshire’s Salisbury plains, you’ll be able to see the curvature of the Earth for a whole minute. Then, during a five-minute parachute descent, you’ll see some of the outdoor most beautiful views in the world.



The beautiful Outer Hebrides on this week-long sea kayaking holiday for experienced sea kayakers.

The Hebrides Sea Kayaking

You’ve heard of sea kayaking, but did you know that its elder brother, normal kayaking, is much more fun? Smaller boats with rudders are used in this.

The outdoor sport helps paddlers navigate turbulent conditions in the open ocean.

All interested sea kayakers should visit Western Scotland. Island clusters, thanks to Wilderness Scotland’s vacation packages.

The initial target takes place on Skye, the Inner Hebrides, and the Northern Highlands.




Perthshire Canyoning

Rapid adventure in the United Kingdom. Canyoning incorporates elements of trekking and rock climbing. Abseiling with stops at waterfalls, pools, and natural slides. The Perthshireregion in central Scotland is a great outdoor place to go canyoneering. The Falls of Bruar, Tummel Canyon, and Calvine Gorge are all within a short distance.


Adventure Sports in Windsor

The UK Bungee Club’s Bray Lake site is near Windsor. It has a 300-foot drop from a crane over the green Berkshire countryside that will make your stomach turn. As thrill jumping from the top of Big Ben. It draws thrill-seekers from all around the United Kingdom.



Best scenery, away from cities and towns and in the lap of nature, with fresh air.

     Anglesey Camping

As camping trips go, this one is from North Wales-based climb specialists. Gaia Adventures is the most outdoor thrilling we’ve ever seen. There’s no way to put this in more good light.

To begin the day, you’ll abseil down to your room. Where you may supper and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean.

Perhaps the most memorable sleep you’ll ever have, even if it isn’t the greatest night’s sleep. It’s perfect for thrill-seekers who like a challenge.





Caving in the Yorkshire Dales

Because of its limestone terrain, Yorkshire is ideal for caving. There are more than 2,500 known caverns carved out of this soluble rock after thousands of years of erosion. Examples are the stalactite-filled Gaping Gill, and the long and winding Long Churn Cave. The Three Counties Cave System is the country’s longest.


Peak District Whitewater Rafting

A white-water rafting trip down the Derwent River could be the thing for you if the idea of being thrown overboard. The raging water scares you more than it exhilarates you.

A seven-kilometer section of the Derwent River in the southern Peak District. It’s one of the outdoor most popular rafting locations in the United Kingdom. Join the guides of Into the Blue or Rapid Horizons for low-grade rapids. Part of the river that can you paddle towards Matlock Bath.


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